Stamp for OPG

Stamps are essential part of everyday business activities. To make a stamp you need a copy of Solution of entering the Register of agricultural seigniory (while ordering online you need to attach this Solution). Stamp shape for OPG is not strictly defined by law. In most cases rectangular stamp is being used but it can also be made in some other format depending your request (oval, round, squared…) Imprint colour is arbitrary. Black imprint is most commonly used, but our recommendation is to use other colours (blue, purple) for easier distinction between the original and the copy. OPG stamp must contain at least the basic data:

name of the OPG
name and last name of the owner of the OPG
owners full address and headquarters
For basic data we recommend stamp Printer 20: Stamp Printer 20.

Besides the basic data, it can also contain the logo, identification number of the owner or the OPG. For the stamps with additional data that does not exceed 5 lines of text we recommend stamp Printer 30: Stamp Printer 30.

In order to ease your administration and office business, we have prepared several stamps that will do your job instead of you.

Great example is facsimile – stamp with your signature, and you can order it here: Stamp Printer 20

Further more, your business can be manageable, precisely with stamps that enable you finding of the certain topic, document supervision, and also labeling document status.

Examples: On hold, Received on the date:__________, Paid, Credited, To deliver…

More information about stamps with auxiliary expressions check here: Stamp Printer 20, and stamps with expressions and date here: Stamp S120/WD Word Dater

Daters – a “must have” among stamps whose function needs no explanation. in continuation you can see different Dater variations, which can be labeled only with the date and also with date and expressions. Link here: Daters

Signboard is companies identification and as such is obligatory and must be pointed out on your companies headquarters.

In our offer you can find a few different signboard dimensions.

Obligatory data for signboard are:

name of the company, association or business
business category, name and last name of the owner (valid only for crafts)
full address and headquarters
Phone number, fax, identification number, business hours are not obligatory but can be put on the signboard if desired.

More information about signboards you can find here: Signboards

Stickers are a daily occurance at the present time and are used for different purposes and highlighting objects is one of its purposes.

When opening a company, crafts, associations, etc. it’s needed to install the name of the institution and all of the accompanying contents (working time, the name of the separate facility) on the outside of the facility. If you don’t have a suitable place for the signboard (the inability of drilling the wall, glass walls, etc.), we suggest you create these labels: Stickers.

Visiting or bussines cards are necessary for anyone who is engaged in some work activity. How many times were you asked for cell phone number, phone or address? Did you have paper and pencil to write your data? Modify your personal contact information quickly. Save time and prevent possible communication difficulties due to man-made readability. Do it with style: Business cards.

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