UV Lamp

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Quality Noris UV lamp that emites ultra-violet rays (320 nm – 400nm). It is used to fluoresce the objects that lighten up under UV light.

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UV Lamp

Light that emites UV rays (320-400 nm).

A lot of materials fluoresce under ultra-violet light that our eyes can see only when lighted up with UV lamp.

Product characteristics

  • adjusted to read Noris UV and NEON-UV inks
  • 4 x AA batteries, not included
  • products size: 16 x 2.4 x 5.4 cm
  • products weight: 109 g
  • products colour: red/black
  • portable and light
  • pocket design size with string

Examples of use

You can use the lamp to check:

  • neon and UV inks
  • UV colours
  • money
  • acces to night clubs and events
  • sanitary control
  • mineral and fossil fluorescence
  • post/mail stamps
  • identification documents: drivers license, passport and other documents with UV marks

Further information

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