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Trodat Printy 4911 Typo DIY Stamp

164.70 kn

ŠG: 153516

Trodat Printy 4911 Typo is the smallest stamp in our custom-made stamp offer. It’s perfect for titles, addresses and brief messages. The stamp’s imprint is rectangular, 37 x 14 mm in size and can fit up to 3 lines of personalised text.

This article consists of: a stamp casing, ink pad, set of rubber letters and plastic tweezers

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Trodat Printy 4911 Typo

This self-inking stamp is ideal for printing titles, addresses and brief information. A maximum of 3 lines fit in the rectangular imprint. Transparent bottom edges allow for precise alignment of the stamp.

Product characteristic:

  • 37 x 14 mm of space for a personalised rectangular imprint 
  • up to 3 lines of text
  • contains a set of rubber letters (Trodat Typo 6003) 3 mm in height 
  • contains plastic tweezers for easier assembling of the letters 
  • contains rubber letters, numbers and symbols 
  • 1 stamp casing colour: black-blue
  • 1 impression colour: black

Perks of a product:

  • a completely customisable impression, text can be rearranged numerous times
  • letters made of vulcanised rubber
  • installed ink pad for thousands of impeccable prints
  • robust plastic casing
  • permanent ink for quality imprints
  • high-quality ink pads 
  • casing designed to help you precisely position the stamp
  • ability to change ink pads after a few thousand prints 
  • ergonomic handle for easy use
  • ink pad and rubber warranty
  • it is compact and lightweight 
  • materials of the highest quality which guarantee perfect imprints 
  • economical self-inking stamp with a very reasonably-priced ink pad

Examples of use

This compact self-inking stamp is ideal for titles, addresses and brief information. It is often used in offices of all kinds as it’s a great alternative to traditional wooden stamps.

Further information:

Order the compact self-inking Trodat Printy 4911 Typo stamp at www.pecati.com. Why order from us? We are the biggest stamp supplier online, therefore we guarantee quality and speed, our products come with a warranty and are reasonably priced. All orders of 500,00 kn or more qualify for free shipping.


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