Stamp Printer R17

175.00 kn

Stamp Printer R17 is smaller member in a group of round stamps, perfect for a logo centered within the stamps.The print shape is round. Texts has 3 lines. Imprint size is 12 mm. It can serve for short tags, symbols, abbreviations, etc.

This product consists of: Casing stamps, print pads, and personalized print labels and protective caps.


Printer R 17

Stamp Printer R 17 is round stamp, ideal for control, test and initial stamps. It is suitable for centered logotypes, symbols and abbrevations.

Product characteristics

 – 17 mm radius, round shape

 – maximum 3 lines of text

 – all available fonts including bold and cursive

 – your own logo / our graphic preparation

 – 3 product colours: black, blue, red

 – 5 inprint colours: black, blue, red, green, purple, others


 Perks of the product

 – inbuilt pillow for thousands of flawless prints

 – laser engraved labels made from vulcanised rubber

 – robust plastic casing

 – personalized textual plate design

 – indelible paper colours ensure quality imprint

 – high quality pillow quarantees longterm imprint

 – visible marks on the handle ensure precise imprint

 – pillow exchange after few thousands of imprints

 – free pillow exchange user manual comes with the stamp

 – pillow and engraved rubber quarantee

 – compact and robust in use

 – perfect imprints due to high quality materials

 – affordable self-inking stamp with pillow


Examples of use

This robust compact stamp is appropriate for generating control, test and initial imprint in quality control. It is a fair alternative to traditional wodden stamps. It is mostly used by public offices such as court officials, public notaries, lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, counties and municipalities.

Further information


– exchange pillow E/R 17

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Additional information

Stamp imprint color:

Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Purple

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