Stamp Printer 10

152.50 kn

ŠG: 10503

Stamp printer 10 is the smallest member of the Printer family standard line. Print is rectangularshaped, 10 x 27 mm, max 3 lines of text. It is most commonly used for short terms without any details. Simple, easy to use and maintain.

This product consists of: stamp casing, print pads, and personalized print labels.



Printer 10

 Colop Printer 10 is the smallest model amongst the standard line of stamps. With precize imprint and attractive price it is ideal for short texts, singular words and small logotypes. Stamp whose practicallity enthuses! With simple lines and elegant design it also has personalization posibillities.


Product characteristics

– 27 x 10 mm, rectangular shape

– maximum 3 lines of text

– all available fonts including bold and cursive

– your own logo / our graphic preparation

– black casing with cards in different colours: black, white, red, yellow

– white casing with cards in different colours: black, white, red, yellow

– 5 imprint colours: black, blue, red, green, purple, others


Perks of the product

– inbuilt pillow for thousands of flawless prints

– laser engraved rubber made from vulcanised rubber

– robust plastic casing

– personalized textual plate design

– indelible paper colours ensure quality imprint

– high quality pad quarantees longterm imprint

– visible marks on the handle ensure precise inprint

– pad exchange after few thousands of inprints

– free pad exchange user manual comes with the stamp

– pad and engraved rubber quarantee

– compact and robust in use

– perfect inprints due to high quality materials

– affordable self-inking stamp with pad


 Further information

– exchange pad E/10