Stamp Pad Colop E/38

32.94 kn

ŠG: 68456

High quality replacement pad for stamps Stamp Printer 38 and Stamp Printer 38 Dater  from our offer.

This product consists of: pad with or without ink. 


Pad E/38

Colop Printer replacement pad E/38 is machine coloured pad, monochrome with high quality stamp paint. Micropermeate surface ensures high quality print. Pad guarantees thousands of same quality imprints. Exchange of the pad is simple and quick. Replacement of the pad will leave your hands clean.


– intended for stamps Stamp Printer 38 and Stamp Printer 38 Dater  

– 1 package contains 1 piece

– 5 pad colours: black, blue, red, green, purple, uninked

– 8 other colours: pink, yellow, orange, bordeaux, brown, mint, turquoise and white (these colours are extra charged)

Perks of the product

– same quality of every imprint

– every pad has anti draining formula which enables longterm keeping

– two layers of material in the pad enables numerous equal imprints

– precise, maschine managed loading of ink during production quarantees same ink distribution through out the whole pad which can not be done by hand

– clean and permanent imprint on documents accordant with DIN 14145-2

– stamp imprint is longlasting for decades if properly kept

– colours are safe for human health and do not contain heavy metals and/or toxins 

– available inkless pads for special colours and uses (UV prints, textile prints…)

– simple replacement of the pad

– pad quarantee

– affordable new stamp imprints

– perfect results due to original quality of the brand i high quality materials

Further information

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Additional information

Stamp imprint color:

Crna, Crvena, Plava, Ljubičasta, Zelena, Bez boje

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