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Stamp LIQUIDATED Printer Q24 Dater

164.70 kn

ŠG: 68450

Observe the examples of the stamp, and during the enclosure of your order, please make a note about the ordinal number of the desired example.

If chosen example contains name and surname of the liquidator, please write the persons name in the note at the end of the order. If you want your signature integrated with the stamp, it is neccessary to add it in attachement (PDF format). 

(max file size 2 MB)


Why do you need stamp LIQUIDATED?

Since 1.1.2016. the Bookkeeping Law is valid, and according to the Law every entreprenuer is obliged to determine responsible individual for control of documentation credibility. The appointed liquidator must check every documents probity and entirety, and as such this documents must be approved. If you wish to know more about the need for LIQUIDATION stamp click here: Pečat: LIKVIDIRANO

Stamp LIQUIDATED Printer Q24 Dater

Stamp LIQUIDATED Printer Q24 dater with integrated changeable date in the middle of the stamp is a square stamp 24 x 24 mm.

Casing is made of Plastic, and the stamp contains inked stamp pad.


Additional information

Stamp imprint color:

Crna, Plava, Zelena, Crvena, Bijela, Ljubičasta

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