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Stamp LIQUIDATED P700/14 Dater

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Stamp P700/14 Dater is ideal if you wish to add 3 lines of text above and below integrated date. Imprint is rectangular, 70 x 35 mm. Year band is valid for 12 years.

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Why do you need stamp LIQUIDATED?

Since 1.1.2016. the Bookkeeping Law is valid, and according to the Law every entreprenuer is obliged to determine responsible individual for control of documentation credibility. The appointed liquidator must check every documents probity and entirety, and as such this documents must be approved. If you wish to know more about the need for LIQUIDATION stamp click here: Pečat: LIKVIDIRANO

Stamp LIQUIDATED P700/14 Datumar

Stamp LIQUIDATED P700/14 Dater is a true evergreen that has maximum 6 lines of text below/above the date. Functional design makes him easy to handle: the date can be promptly changed due to adjusting wheels. It imprints the date in a structure day-month-year. This small reliable partner will serve you in office, workshop or on the road. The year band is valid for 12 years. 

Product characteristics

 – 70 x 35 mm, rectangular shape

 – maximum 3 lines of text below and 3 above the date

 – all available fonts including bold and cursive

 – your own logo / our graphic preparation

 – 4 mm height of the date imprint

 – date format: 13 09 2029

 – extra symbols: blank space, dash (-)

 – 12 years validation

 – product colour: red-black


 Perks of the product

 – robust plastic casing with visible rubber stripes

 – fast and simple date adjustment using plastic wheels

 – indelible paper colours ensure quality imprint

 – Precise imprint due to high quality vulcanised belt-shaped rubber

 – engraved rubber quarantee

 – perfect imprints due to high-quality materials

 – save yourself from longterm date writing with our dater – imprinting of dates becomes a pleasure

Examples of use

Compact dater with text is suitable for labeling raw materials before entering production cycles or for imprinting control date. Further more, companies use the dater for labeling the entrance of merchandise or as a stamp for incoming mail, archiving and labeling expiration dates. This stamp is a good alternative for wodden stamps and replacement for hand writting.


Further information


– stamp must be inked in suitable stamp pad:  Colop Micro1

NOTE: The mechanism does NOT automatically change the date!

If while ordering, you choose the stamp by the example that contains the name and surname of the liquidator or their signature, please enter the name of the liquidator in the “Stamp Text” or “Note” text box at the end of the order and add their signature in PDF format in the “Upload” section.

Make sure you clicked the “save” button before puting the item into the basket.

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