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Signboard A4 Plexiglass – UV print

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UV technology enables top quality print on your A4 plexiglass signboard. Decorate your signboard with desired name, logo, text, drawing or graphic.

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Plexiglass or acril is transparent thermoplastic material which is, due to lesser weight, price and simplicity of handling, very common substitute for glass.

Plexiglass is important decorative material for UV print. Due to high quality and transparency, light transiency is high, what makes plexiglass print one of the most used promotional materials.

With the UV print you can decorate your plexiglass with desired name, text, logo, drawing or graphic.


Signboard is companies identification and as such obligatory. Every form of bussines should have one highlighted on the entry or other visible place. More information about highlighting your company read here: Underlineing of your company – Law regulations.

In our offer you can find several different signboard dimensions.

Signboards required data is as follows:

  • name of the company/bussines
  • activity area, name and last name of the owner
  • full address and headquarters
  • phone number, identification number, OIB number, e-mail and similar data is not obligatory but it can be put on the signboard

Further information

NOTE: With the ordered signboard the screws are delivered if you have chosen this kind of instalation.

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