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REINER jetStamp graphic 970

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Flexible electronic hand printer with imprint size 65 x 12,7 mm rectangular shape with 1 or 2 lines. Printing of the text, numbers, date and time is fast and quite on all including uneven surfaces.

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JetStamp graphic 970

JetStamp graphic 970 is mobile inkjet printer which labels products and packaging fast and simple. It has capability for automatic numbering of time and date. It can print text, logo, barcode and graphics. Quick-drying MP ink enables safe and clean print even on non-absorbant surfaces such as metal and plastic.

With possibility to print directly on an objects surface, jet Stamp graphic 970 offers high degree protection against forgery. The batery has enough capacity for quick and effective labeling.

Print appearance can be designed on a computer by specially developed programme. Number, date, time, text, logo, barcode and graphics can simply be put on desired position. 4 different prints can be saved on the device  in total. Programme can be used on all standard Windows operational systems. Mobile or stacionary labeling was never that simple!

JetStamp graphic 970 is manual inkjet printer that labels documents and other products simple and fast. Except for numbers, dates, time and text, this device can also print graphics and barcodes. With MP ink it is possible to print on non-absorbant surfaces such as metal and plastic. JetStamp 970 graphic is mobile, practical and easy to use and programming. It comes together with its own programme and its weight is little above 500 grams.


  • numbers, date, time, text, graphics and barcodes
  • print area 12,7 x 65 mm
  • up to 4 deifferent prints can be saved on device
  • print view can be made fast and simple on a computer and transffered by USB or Bluetooth
  • since jetStamp graphic 970 works on chargeable batteries, it is easy to carry and simple for manipulation
  • it is up to you to decide which ink you want to use – common ink for paper and cardboard or special MP ink for printing on non-absorbant surfaces such as metal and plastic; MP ink is quick-drying, does not smear and is excellent for labeling products such as food packages or bottles 

Technical data:

  • dimensions: 140 x 160 x 85 mm (width x height x lenght)
  • dimensions of the base station: 155 x 140 x 30 mm 
  • weight: approximately 520 g
  • maximum print area: 65 x 12.7 mm
  • maximum print speed: < 1 s/print
  • resolution: 300 dpi
  • battery capacity: up to 1,000 prints
  • printing technology: inkjet


  • purchase by order
  • delivery: 2-4 weeks

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