Pocket Stamp Mouse R40

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Pocket Stamp Mouse R40 is small and practical pocket stamp, perfect for logo centered inside the stamp frame. It has round imprint, 40 mm diameter and maximum of 7 lines of text. It is suitable for short denotements, symbols and abbrevations.

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Pocket Stamp Mouse R40

Stamp Colop Pocket Stamp Mouse R40 is a pocket stamp with practical mechanism for one hand. Versatile and handy – on the desk, office or on the road, in your jacket pocket, around your neck or on the pendant. It creates round imprint and this common format is especially suitable for names and adsresses, with or without the logo.

Product characteristics

– 40 mm diameter, round shape

– maximum 7 lines of text

– all available fonts including bold and cursive

– your own logo / our graphic preparation

– 4 product colours: indigo blue, dark red, grey and metallic grey

– 1 imprint colour: black


Perks of the product

– inbuilt pad for thousands of flawless prints

– laser engraved rubber made from vulcanised rubber

– stabile plastic casing

– personalized textual plate design

– indelible paper colours ensure quality imprint

– high quality pad quarantees longterm imprint

– modern and elegant design

– practical one hand mechanism

– wide selection of attractive colours

– pad and engraved rubber quarantee

– optimised print size with minimum stamp size

– compact, precise and simple to carry around

– perfect imprints due to high quality materials

– affordable self-inking stamp with pad

Examples of use

During the very first use you realize how easy and clean is to use this stamp. Because of the smaller dimensions and practicality he is always handy. Compact, practical and simple to use. Oftenly used by transporters, doctors and engineers.

Further information

– recharging ink: Ink 801 for Stamps – 25 ml

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Additional information

Stamp case color:

Tamno crvena, Indigo plava, Siva, Metallic siva

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