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Packages Signboard A2 + Stamp Printer 30

649.00 kn

The package contains:

 – signboard dimensions are 590 x 400 mm (further information Production of Inscription table A2)

 – Stamp Printer 30 – maximum print dimensions are  47 x 18 mm (further information Stamp Printer 30)

(max file size 64 MB)

Odaberite boju podloge pločice / table: (OBAVEZNO POLJE) * 

Odaberite oblik pločice / table: (OBAVEZNO POLJE) * 

Ukrasni okvir table (OBAVEZNO POLJE) * 

Postavljanje table ( raspored rupa za šarafe) * 

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When opening a company, trades, associations, etc. The stamp is obliged and a public inscription is required. So we designed this package in which we offered both for a cheaper price.

By choosing this package you will save 25%! (relative to the separate purchase of both articles).

REMARK: The screws are supplied with the ordered signboard if they are the way of setting the holes.(Label 2,3,4 and 5)

For the need to change the stamp pad, we will be happy to explain and demonstrate a simple ink replacement procedure so that you are always ready to refresh the color of your print.

Replacement pad for the stamp: E/30.


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