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Packages- Printer R30 + Pocket Stamp R30

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A classic round seam with a pocket-shaped round stamp of the same print size.

You can find more information about the package products here: Stamp Printer R30 and Pocket Stamp R30.

(max file size 64 MB)

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The classic seal with the pocket stamp of the same print size.

This package is designed to think at the very start of the need for two stamps – one for client needs and the other for bookkeeping purposes or an office stamps and the other stamps are always in your pocket or briefcase, at your fingertips.

COLOR DRESS POCKET PRINT: red, blue and gray (for a picture of the handle, see under Pocket Stamp – http://zigovi.com/dzepni-pecati/34989-dzepni-pecat-r30.html )

Choosing this package will save you %25 (In relation to the separate purchase of both articles)

When purchasing the seal, we will be happy to explain and demonstrate a simple pad change process or ink replacement to always be ready to refresh the color of your print.

Replacement pads for stamps: E/R 30 and E/Pocket Stamp R 30.


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