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Packages 2 in1 Stamp Printer 30 + 100 pieces business cards

276.90 kn

The package contains:

– Stamp Printer 30 – maximum print dimensions are 47×18 mm (more information about Stamp Printer 30: Stamp Printer 30).

– Business cards- 100 pieces. Personalized, digital printing, dimensions:90 x 54 mm – possible modifications (more information about this product: Production of Business Cards-100 pieces)

(max file size 2 MB)

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Nowadays, the two products required for a successful business are:Indispensable seal and original and recognizable business card.

So we designed this package in which we offered both for a cheaper price

By choosing this package you will save 25%! (relative to the separate purchase of both articles).

For the need to change the stamp pad, we will be happy to explain and demonstrate a simple ink replacement procedure so that you are always ready to refresh the color of your print.

Replacement pad for Stamp Printer 30: E/30.


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