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Package: Ink for plastic + Dissolvent for plastic + UNIPAD III

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Package includes:


Ink Noris 196 for plastic – 50 ml

Noris 196 ink for plastic – 50 ml is excellent for labeling all impermeable surfaces. It is especially suitable for labeling plastic and it is the best choice for polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). With longterm quality lasting it leaves first class, clean and clear imprints. Your old pad stays fresh due to this ink for new stamp prints.

Product characteristics

  • to be used only with special pad UNIPAD III
  • quantity: 50 ml
  • application spot: impermeable surfaces (plastic, PE, PP, metal, coloured surfaces, coated paper, fotographs, rubber)
  • drying time: 10-15 sec
  • alchohol based
  • for special pads
  • for all rubber and polymere alchohol resistent textual plates
  • does not contain harmfull substances
  • waterproof
  • 3 product colours: black, red, blue

Dissolvent Noris 196 RM for plastic

Every imprinting ink requires special dissolvent, because evry dissolvent is differently based. Some are water, alchohol or oil based and ketone based, acid or alkaline. Special concentration of dissolvent has important role.

Dissolvent has 3 important roles:

  1. When the pad starts to dry, dissolvent can freshen it up
  2. Dissolvent can also be used to adjust ink viscosity. That influences the drying time, absorbation of the ink upon different surfaces an imprint quality on the specified surface
  3. As a cleaner if the stamp and/or surfaces are dirty

UNIPAD III pad for transparent, quick-drying, universal and special inks – ø 95 mm

Pad UNIPAD III for stamps with handle is specially designed for quick drying paints and works equally well with all sorts of inks (whether oil, alchohol or water based). Round shape and inner materials enable ink retention longer than traditional ink pads.

Microporous surface enables high quality imprint. Pad guarantees thousands of flawless prints. With this pad there is no spraying, spilling or smeared prints.


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