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Ink for stamps 804 UV – 25 ml

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High quality Colop ink 804 UV for stamps pad – 25 ml. Invisible under normal light, but yellowish under UV light (wave lenght around 370nm).

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Colop ink 804 UV

Colop ink 804 UV for pads is a longterm, quality ink that leaves clean and clear imprints. Special UV ink, invisible under normal light but yellowish under UV light (around 370nm). Oftenly used in night clubs. Your old pad stays fresh thanks to this ink for new perfect imprints.

Products characteristic

  • suitable for all Colop pads
  • content: 25 ml
  • application spot: all absorbant and non absorbant surfaces (accept PE/PP)
  • estimated drying time: ~15 sec
  • water based
  • for spunge and felt pads
  • for all rubber and polymer text plates
  • does not contain harmfull substances
  • colour: invisible under normal light, yellowish under UV light

Perks of the product

  • visible only under UV light
  • water based ink
  • perfect imprints due to high quality materials

Further information

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