Dry stamp – 41 mm


Pliers for dry stamp contain in their construction specially engraved plates with your logo and text. Relief imprint is round shaped, 41mm in diameter and it fits 5 lines of text maximum. It leaves relief imprint (no ink).


This product consists of: Metal pliers and casing, and personalized print pads.

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Pliers for dry stamp

Pliers for dry stamp generate round relief imprint of 41mm diameter. You can give your letter, documents or any printed materials an individual note of severity. They are ideal for wedding invitations. With this stamp paper or fine cardboard give an impression of severity and uniqueness.


Product characteristics

– 41 mm diameter, round relief imprint

– maximum of 6 lines of text

– all available fonts including bold and cursive

– minimum font size: 10pt

– your own logo / graphic preparation

– debth of insertion from the paper edge: up to 45 mm

– products colour: metal-black


Perks of the product

– laser engraved plastic for relief imprints is made of delrin

– robust metal casing

– quarantee on engraved plastic

– clean imprint with minimal effort

– ergonomic, simple and easy stamping

– constant and precise quality of printing

– perfect relief imprints of the stamp due to hihg quality materials


Examples of use

Pliers for dry stamp are suitable for personalization of your monogram or your name. Injection spikes have significant role in printing Christmass, Easter or wedding motives. They are also being used as office stamps and company stamp with logo. Personal bulletin Ex-libris with your own initials is often considered as a nice present. It is often being used for special childrens occasions such as birth or Christening.

It is being used in public offices, public notaries, architects, faculties and bookshops for authenticity. Pliers for dry stamp are aplliable for denotation of specially important files.


Further information

For dry stamp imprint, 2 plates are being made (positiv and negativ / front and back) of the same content, but every plate is differently made – one is readable and the other is mirror image.


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