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Dissolvent Noris 320 RM for textile – 50 ml

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High quality dissolvent Noris 320 RM for textile – 50 ml is excellent for refreshing the stamp pad, adjustment of ink viscosity and cleaning the dirt on the stamp or stamp pad.

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Dissolvent Noris 320 RM for textile

Every imprinting ink requires special dissolvent, because evry dissolvent is differently based. Some are water, alchohol or oil based and ketone based, acid or alkaline. Special concentration of dissolvent has important role.

Dissolvent has 3 important roles:

  1. When the pad starts to dry, dissolvent can freshen it up
  2. Dissolvent can also be used to adjust ink viscosity. That influences the drying time, absorbation of the ink upon different surfaces an imprint quality on the specified surface
  3. As a cleaner if the stamp and/or surfaces are dirty

Is the stamp pad dry?

Only alchohol vapourises, but pigments and the binder stay in ink colour. Refilling the ink every time increases the amount of binder and pigment, and the pad becomes thich or stickery and therefore not suitable for printing.

If you put 196 RM dissolvent over the pad then you are replacing only the part of the product that vapourised.

Use 196 RM dissolvent only if it looks as if the ink on the pad is used-up or is still not hardened. Then you put litlle dissolvent over the pad and leave it to sit in during the night so it mixes up with the pigment and the binder. Do not use more dissolvent then the vapourised weight. At first begin with small amount. In the end you will be able to use the same amount of the dissolvent in total (by using it bit by bit) as the amount of the ink you put on the pad.

Further information

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