In today’s fast-paced life and business, small and practical pocket seals find their way into more pockets, purses and briefcases. Namely, just as business is no longer limited to office space, public facilities, attorneys’ offices, and the like, the seal itself becomes a practical mobile tool that tracks its users wherever they go. 

In addition, stamps are no longer intended solely for a narrow audience, but because of their modern design and ease of use, they become ideal for eg students and teachers, doctors, housewives and managers who help with them in hotels, organize papers and / or sign up contracts. 

Consequently, COLOP has developed Pocket Stamp PLUS .

Here are 5 reasons why you simply have to:

  • 1. This mobile pocket watch is equipped with an automatic movable mechanism that makes it extremely easy to use and you can open and close it with one hand. Already for the first time you are going to seal something, you will understand how easy the Pocket Stamp is . 
  • 2. Since the seal is made of a single part, you no longer have to move the plug or worry that you will not lose it. Just open the seal and stamp. 
  • 3. A very important feature of this stamp is its ergonomic shape that perfectly fits in your hand, and with its exceptional functionality, the Pocket Stamp can boast a new design based on simplicity, modernity and clean appearance. 
  • 4. The Pocket Stamp is available in 38 x 14 mm dimensions, and with classic black, white, blue and red, you can get it in pink, green and yellow.
  • 5. In the GIT with the color selection, you can order the print as desired. How? Look here … 

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