Mountaineering stamp, mountaineering seal, mountaineering stamp

A mountaineering bypass, trail or transversal is a set of mountaineering peaks or destinations connected into a meaningful whole. Hiking trails are usually trails, paths, a set of unrelated points in the mountains or a mountaineering competition without specific points, but with some other conditions of the tour.

Bypass in the dictionary means a road that goes around a settlement or a traffic-laden place, enables faster traffic and increases the capacity of the main road, so it is more appropriate to use the word hiking trail.

An example of the seal of a mountaineering society

A large number of nature and mountain lovers have a suitable diary or cardboard for stamping mountain stamps at checkpoints, as the tour is confirmed by the prints of stamps placed at checkpoints. Mountaineering stamps are usually printed in the mountaineer’s diary or transversal card.

Checkpoints are specific mountaineering destinations that a visitor should visit and stamp their visit, or if the destination does not have a stamp ink pad and has not brought its own ink , can use a photograph in front of recognizable checkpoint features as evidence.

On the mountaineering destinations, which are usually the checkpoints of some hiking trails, there are boxes with a registration book and rubber mountaineering stamps. In some places there are also built-in metal stamps. They are often found in boxes stamps with paint for stamp , but as the pads dry quickly, it is best to bring your own ink pad. Pad is best soaked with ink for metal stamps because it is longer lasting than regular rubber stamp ink.

If you want the print to dry quickly when printing, use quick-drying ink . The disadvantage of this ink is that it hardens quickly pad , but it can still be used.

By collecting stamps in mountaineering logs, the mountaineer receives symbolic rewards in the form of badges that serve as a souvenir or for praise in front of other mountaineers. Needless to say, each stamp printed in the mountaineering diary reminds the mountaineer of the experiences and events associated with climbing that peak.

planinarski žig

Examples of mountaineering stamps from peaks

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