e-mark, All the stamps you will ever need in one place

E-mark is a mobile printer for many different purposes, primarily in the professional sector. Prepare your fingerprint via the Android or iOS app or via the e-mark version for Windows PCs. With a few clicks you can easily format your print and send it to the e-mark printer via WIFI and you can immediately print your print by moving the e-mark device to the side.

How does an e-mark work?

  1. Turn on the e-mark device
  2. Install the application / software and connect the e-mark device via WIFI or USB
  3. Create a print or use one of the existing templates
  4. Send a print to the device and start printing

The application supports devices running Android 5.0 and iOS 11 and later. Desktop software runs on Windows versions 7, 8.1 and 10. In addition to the standard e-mark application, it can also be used with the “e-mark create” application, which is designed specifically for creative needs.

The application allows you to create any type of print, depending on your needs and desires. Whether it is text, date, image, numbering, QR code or a combination of the above, there are no restrictions. The application contains more than 100 ready-to-use templates. All templates can be easily edited, in addition you can create the entire print yourself.

primjer otiska

A little office professional

An ideal device for printing documents, marking office equipment and adding variety to the office. It provides many practical options for office use:

  • Fleksibilna i brza promjena između otisaka
  • Automatska funkcija datuma i vremena
  • Funskcija automatskog numeriranja
  • Funkcija serijskog ispisa CSV datoteka
  • QR kod i generator crtičnog koda u aplikaciji
  • Širok raspon naljepnica za sve vrste označavanja
  • Razne motivacijske i duhovite slike

Primjenjiv u različitim profesijama

E-mark uređaj je primjenjiv u različitim granama gospodarstva. Može se koristiti u pravničkim uredima te uredima javnih bilježnika, u kontroli kvalitete u prehrambenoj industriji, može otisnuti numeracije za različite potrebe, idealan za turizam, različita državna tijela te zadravstveni sustav.

kontrola kvalitete

Imprints for quality control


Imprints of different numbering


Stamps and prints for lawyers


Imprints for health facilities

The main functionalities of e-mark devices

Color prints

The device is equipped with a three-color ink cartridge (ink jet), which allows you to print in any color combination. Because the device is patented with HP Inkjet Technology, the e-mark contains a cartridge with state-of-the-art printing technology. One cartridge holds up to approximately 5,000 prints.

Personalized prints

In the fingerprint editing application, you can easily add text, logos and images to your fingerprint.

Multi-line prints

The device is capable of printing 3 rows of prints in one go, without lifting the device from the surface.

Continuous printing

The continuous and continuous printing feature allows you to print the same print multiple times without lifting the device off the surface.

Sequential printing

Prints can be placed on sequential printing so that one print will print immediately after the other.

Personalized labels with e-mark

The device will easily print and print your labels, which allows you to create sticky labels with uniquely designed prints.

A variety of accessories

COLOP offers a wide range of accessories such as various forms of stickers, cotton ribbons or bracelets.

Printing on different surfaces

With the device, you can print your stamp on various absorbent surfaces, including books, paper, cardboard, napkins, wood and cork. In combination with COLOP self-adhesive labels, the print can also be placed on non-absorbent materials.

Compact and mobile

The e-mark is portable and can be easily placed in a briefcase, bag or suitcase, ideal for business on the go. It can be managed via mobile devices.